A day on the island.

First of all, no one tells you how time consuming having a baby is. Second of all, I don’t understand how you’re able to cope without being balanced first. There’s so many unbalanced people and so many mothers.. how do they do it? Even I have to stop and take some time to balance myself or I get overwhelmed. Easter was this past weekend and I got the opportunity to stop in and take Jade to meet Sophia. It was love at first sight lol. Jade could not stop staring at her, and just taking her in. Sophia’s energy must have kept her at ease. Sophia was able to do a reading on Jade! A reading on a 6 week old baby haha how awesome. She told me that Jade has a very strong intuition, which is why I am

How I use crystals.

Tonight is a full moon, which is the perfect time to cleanse and charge crystals. This moon is particularly special because it’s a lunar eclipse “blood moon”. Blood moons have a history of being a great omen of a big change or event about to happen. It’s especially key for endings. If you have to let go of something let it go. Stop holding on. My crystals will be charging in the moonlight on the windowsill. You may not understand why someone would be intrigued by or use crystals/ gemstones, but that may be because you haven’t done any research. You haven’t been open to feeling the energy these stones have to offer. I use crystals for different reasons. I hold them in meditation to help with

My Crystal Child.

Crystal children are a new generation being born that are here to heal the Earth. In 20 years we will have an Age of Peace. If you haven’t noticed, the Earth is pretty much at its worst. That’s because everything is being brought to light right now. All the fear, hate, and negativity will soon be gone. The Crystals are here to make everyone aware of the power of positive thinking and healing with a higher vibration. To be able to have a Crystal Child you have to be an Indigo. My boyfriend and I are both Indigos, which is also a form of an Earth Angel. The Indigos are here to bring us closer to our true essence. Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic, and have important life purpos

My morning.. and the fairies.

Having a baby is all about going with the flow and using your intuition. If you don’t, you will go crazy. As if this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. As if the universe is challenging me to master it. I just want to talk about my morning.. I wake up at 6 am to feed the baby, while my boyfriend is talking to me all cranky as he gets ready for work. “Can you take out the garbage?”.. “I can try”.. this gives me an hour to get it out there before the garbage man comes. I have no idea what will be happening between now and then, it’s up to Jade. He took it out anyway because he’s a good boyfriend, but I’m going to explain why it wouldn’t have happened.. After I finished feeding her, whi

My pregnancy in spirituality

When I found out I was pregnant I was freaking out. I had a moment of wtf this changes my entire life. I always told myself I would never get an abortion over 25 because I was mentally able to take care of a child, but was I ready?! We didn’t plan this! My boyfriend was actually the one to calm me down and, with a few signs from the Universe, I was able to bring myself down to earth. I had a very easy pregnancy and I think a lot had to do with my baby’s healing gifts. When you are pregnant you’re naturally more intuitive. You are just more sensitive with everything and that includes being in tune with a higher power. I have come so far in the past year that I feel I have reached my true self

I meditate.

Before I had my daughter, who is now only 5 weeks old, I practiced my own way of spirituality. I meditate. I use crystals. I walk in nature. I help the earth. I believe in the Universe and God. And I also think everything happens for a reason.. For the past three years, I’ve learned to go with the flow while using my intuition. It has significantly dropped my stress level and anxiety. I can easily say, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and happiness living this way. I’m starting this blog, to share with people my journey. Each person I talk to is intrigued by the way I live, but was never before aware of the things I do to be able to use it in their lives. I will be updating my day-to-day life

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