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I give my kid sugar.

This sentence should have the same stigma as the word crack would. Processed sugar is more addicting than any drug out there. It is just slowly killing us and doesn’t show the same side effects as an illegal drug would. Are we hiding from the fact that we glorify candy and treats? Easter is this weekend and it’s one of the biggest holidays where we give sugar to ourselves and loved ones: our children. The milk chocolate bunny, and the Cadbury egg. I contemplated writing this article while I sat in the baby’s room feeding him listening to my daughters voice asking repeatedly “can I have one?” Referring to the chocolate her friends Dad was offering the girls. I’m not one to be super strict on sweets, but I do feed my daughter a healthy, organic, balanced diet. If there’s a holiday or party, or even the occasional treat.. I am guilty of favoring her with sugar. But my question here is.. am I maybe doing her a disservice? Even with all the information I know about sugar, and the difficulty I’ve faced even giving it up completely, I fall for society’s traditions. I do have a mindset of moderation is key, but I sometimes feel sugar was made to create addictive products for consumers to continue buying. So why am I buying it for the satisfaction of short term enjoyment? Risking my body and my childrens’ of suffering from sugar addiction that could be hard to overcome. I do not know, but what I do think is that if the creators of these companies (running our daily lives with ads and addictive products) cared about the wellbeing and health of the people, especially the young generations, we would turn our society around and feed the bodies of our babies good nutrition and glorify the carrot or the beet. Sugar could be the leading cause of most of the rising issues of today’s society, along with the high pressures. This includes most mental illnesses and some physical disabilities. Babies can honestly be addicted in the womb at birth if the mom is eating sugar while pregnant. Just something to think about. Society needs some major changing so future generations can start a more positive life and end up happier because their focus is in the right place.

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