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Indigo Angels

Ok so, I needed to take a moment from my busy life to write a blog post today. Part of my routine everyday is pulling daily messages from my angels using an oracle deck. It helps me stay connected, and helps me communicate with my angels about what I should be focusing on at the time.

Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble with Jade and bought a new card deck called Indigo Angel. I know I’m an Indigo, so I was very drawn to them. If you would like to know what an Indigo is, go to my previous blog posts or search on google.

My first reading was perfect, it blows my mind every time. But it reminded me of something that I need to put out into the world right now, to connect me with the people that are going to help me save this Earth and raise our vibrations together.

As you grow older, you’ll realize that no one on this planet truly knows what he or she is doing- we all just get by the best we can. Never have so many people come into a lifetime with shared Divine purpose of rewriting the script for daily human life. The Indigo mission is so very important, and there are literally millions of other Indigos in this world having very similar experiences. We are an integral part of one of the most significant movements in history.

Indigos are extremely passionate about their opinions. We have such a hard time holding in our feelings. We were built to never back down in the face of adversity and imbalance.

Indigos have incarnated at a crucial time in Earth’s history and humanity’s history, to help ensure the survival of both. You and I are one of these people. This is a very special role in our world, and I ask you to be aware of that.

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