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There’s always an end and a beginning

Our lives go in cycles, similar to Earth, and as human beings we label them. Such as, seasons, days, months, years, and lunar cycles.

The sooner we realize this, the sooner we learn to go with the flow. We always come out stronger at the end of a cycle. The trick is to get better at handling the hard parts and not going deep into anxiety, fear and worry. Instead, question what can I learn from this? Why am I going through this now? What messages should I be receiving from this?

It’s always easier said then done, but using your knowledge you have learned throughout your life to handle these situations will make your vibrations higher and higher to manifest quicker and quicker. Trust and have self-confidence in the tools you have and love yourself through all of it.

If you need help finding tools to ease it all, that’s what I’m here for. A lot of people just don’t know where to start and get flustered, unsure and overwhelmed.

I’m currently at the beginning of a new cycle, which I know is going to bring many blessings. I know this because the ending of the last cycle was hard. Even though I flowed through it with ease by using my tools, it definitely challenged me. It was a near death experience that I had no way of expecting.

The delivery of my child caused me to go through intense labor pains and two risky surgeries that almost (or dare I say should have) resulted in death or at the least losing my female reproductive system leaving me in menopause before I was even 30 years old. During the whole experience I stayed connected to my higher self by focusing on my breath, using my reiki energy healing skills, listening to my intuition, and putting humbling faith and trust into the universe, god and my angels. It was a miracle my baby and I came out healthy in one piece.

My recovery was difficult, but I became stronger and stronger everyday. I really listened to what my body needed by making sure I put myself first. It also put me in a place that really made realize what’s important in life, suddenly the small stresses didn’t seem so dire anymore. We were protected and I am extremely grateful, more than before.

Trust the cycles, love your life, love yourself and really try your hardest to put love first in everything you do. Life will be easier and you will learn to appreciate everything, without struggling so much.

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