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How I use crystals.

Tonight is a full moon, which is the perfect time to cleanse and charge crystals. This moon is particularly special because it’s a lunar eclipse “blood moon”. Blood moons have a history of being a great omen of a big change or event about to happen. It’s especially key for endings. If you have to let go of something let it go. Stop holding on.

My crystals will be charging in the moonlight on the windowsill. You may not understand why someone would be intrigued by or use crystals/ gemstones, but that may be because you haven’t done any research. You haven’t been open to feeling the energy these stones have to offer.

I use crystals for different reasons. I hold them in meditation to help with a better experience, I put them under my daughter’s mattress to help her sleep, I keep them next to my bed and around my house to enhance positive energy. All gemstones have different properties, so they can be used for all purposes.

The crystals I use for my baby have a lighter, more calm energy so it doesn’t overwhelm her. Rose quartz is the love stone. Amethyst is for protection and spirituality, as well as many other properties. Moonstone is the ultimate feminine stone used for pregnancy and motherhood. If you search healing properties in google for specific stones, you will find a lot of information. There’s even a stone to induce labor! (I didn’t try this, I wanted the baby to come on her own time).

Crystals are being shown to help cancer patients, either to stop it or slow it down. This doesn’t mean to use it instead of chemo, but to use along side with it. Crystals have always been around because they are natural on Earth, but most people know nothing about the powers they have.

In elementary school, we used to have a program called Pumsy: In Pursuit of Excellence. But it’d be more accurate to call it In Pursuit of Hindu Philosophy. The techniques taught in Pumsy have all the elements of Hindu-style meditation, dressed up with cute fairy-tale characters. Pumsy was a magic dragon. Along with a guide simply called Friend. Friend teaches Pumsy that her mind is like a pool of water: There’s a muddy mind, which tempts her to think negative thoughts, and a Clear Mind, which can solve all her problems through positive thinking. The “mind” is supposed to represent a divine power. It’s marketed as a way to teach self-esteem to children. Every child receives a “Pumsy stone”, and I just remember being so intrigued by it. Now I know why.

One day I was at the beach taking a walk and on my path there was a rose quartz sitting perfectly by itself in front of me. I knew it was for me and that I needed to take it. I brought it to Sophia’s and she told me when the Universe gives you a sign like that it’s really special. This was the summer I met Thomas, and good things have been happening ever since. I still have the crystal, it’s one of my special ones I always use in my meditations.

Take what I’m saying the way you want, but as they say “don’t knock it, until you try it.” Crystals can bring very positive experiences to your life. All you have to do is choose what you want to focus on and the crystal will bring it into your life.

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