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My morning.. and the fairies.

Having a baby is all about going with the flow and using your intuition. If you don’t, you will go crazy. As if this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. As if the universe is challenging me to master it. I just want to talk about my morning..

I wake up at 6 am to feed the baby, while my boyfriend is talking to me all cranky as he gets ready for work. “Can you take out the garbage?”.. “I can try”.. this gives me an hour to get it out there before the garbage man comes. I have no idea what will be happening between now and then, it’s up to Jade. He took it out anyway because he’s a good boyfriend, but I’m going to explain why it wouldn’t have happened..

After I finished feeding her, which takes a lifetime in itself I was luckily able to put her back to bed. This was so exciting because now I’m able to eat breakfast and sneak in a 5 minute shower.

Right when I finish, I walk into the room and hear stirring. Perfect, she’s ready to get up. Little did I know when I picked her up, she pooped ALL OVER. I mean dripping down her leg and all over great grandma’s knitted blanket. Wonderful, I’m out of shout. Jade was so upset. This called for a bath.

Dishes in the sink.. Oh well, I guess it’s happening in the bath tub. Now Jade loves the water, but when I turned on the water she looked at me with this new face I haven’t seen before. She was scared. Bottom lip out, looking me straight in the eye, as if saying “mommy I don’t want to go in there by myself”. So I had to take my clothes off while setting her down on the rug and go in with her. This helped. She was so happy. Good now baby’s clean.

I have to clean everything else and the blanket now, but somehow keep her entertained. I put her in her play mat and ask her angels to do me a solid and keep her happy (babies do not have long attention spans). It worked. Thank you! Off to feeding her again. As I sit down on the bed, the garbage man drives by and I just think.. knew that was gonna happen.

As I’m writing this, I had a little situation with the fairies this morning. During my pregnancy I had a reading with this very wise lady who is extremely talented named Mary. In the reading she was able to connect with Jade’s soul as a toddler (I will get into this in another post). She told me Jade would be very connected with the fairies and that I could possibly start losing things out of no where. Since Jade’s been born, it’s happened a few times. Today, I lost my phone. I looked for a good 15 mins. Everywhere. Finally, I sat on the bed and said “Fairies, I know it’s you. Please give back my phone.” I told Jade to tell them too. Of course I look silly. I’m talking to an infant that can’t talk back and spiritual beings I can’t see and just believe exist. A second later, I looked next to me and my phone was peaking out of the sheet. Sneaky fairies. I don’t make these things up.

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