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My Crystal Child.

Crystal children are a new generation being born that are here to heal the Earth. In 20 years we will have an Age of Peace. If you haven’t noticed, the Earth is pretty much at its worst. That’s because everything is being brought to light right now. All the fear, hate, and negativity will soon be gone. The Crystals are here to make everyone aware of the power of positive thinking and healing with a higher vibration.

To be able to have a Crystal Child you have to be an Indigo. My boyfriend and I are both Indigos, which is also a form of an Earth Angel. The Indigos are here to bring us closer to our true essence. Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic, and have important life purposes. The main difference is their temperament. Indigos have a warrior spirit, because their collective purpose is to mash down old systems that no longer serve us. They are here to quash government, educational and legal systems that lack integrity. To accomplish this end, they need tempers and fiery determination.

In contrast, the Crystal Children are blissful and even-tempered. Sure, they may have tantrums occasionally, but these children are largely forgiving and easy-going. The Crystals are the generation who benefit from the Indigos’ trailblazing. First, the Indigo Children lead with a machete, cutting down anything that lacks integrity. Then the Crystal Children follow the cleared path, into a safer and more secure world.

When I first met Thomas, I told Sophia about him. She told me that he had an indigo aura. I didn’t know about Indigos at the time, but I knew the color represents the third eye chakra, which allows you to connect with divine love. This was comforting, because it meant he had a really good heart and was humbled. Same as me. And if anyone knows my boyfriend they know he has strong opinions about the government and he can go on and on forever.

My daughter also shows signs of Crystal traits. She is such an easy-going baby. I feel so lucky. Of course she cries, but she’s smart and doesn’t give me a hard time unless she needs something. Which doesn’t take long for me to figure out because I just know what she wants. (Crystal Children communicate telepathically). She’s my little pisces baby, which is the most spiritual, loving sign of the Zodiac. (As I sit here, holding her and she’s just content cuddling with me.) Jade is already very independent and determined. She thinks quick and just gets it. The day she was born she was able to hold her head up and look at me! Which btw she was born with jade green eyes, they are beautiful. We had already chosen her name 5 months earlier.

The first thing that most people notice about Crystal Children are their eyes—large, penetrating and wise beyond their years. The Crystal Children’s eyes lock on and hypnotize you, while you realize your soul is being laid bare for these children to see. When you look at Jade and she’s looking up at you, I promise you won’t want to look away. Her eyes are gorgeous. I have no idea what color they’re going to be, but her best features are her long eyelashes and her eyes. Lucky girl.

Jade is also already communicating with the fairies and angels. She LOVES nature. The fish tank, the window, the sun. All of it. She is so happy sitting in front of the window in the sun smiling at the trees. She also sees angels, I swear. She smiles at the ceiling and the wall ALL the time. Especially right behind my shoulder. That is a sign babies are looking at angels. I have guardian angel stones in all 4 corners of her room and she loves being in her room and smiling at the ceiling. Also, when I was alone with her in the hospital room, walking around, she was STARING at the recliner chair, so I knew someone had to have been visiting us.

These are just the things I’ve noticed in the first 5 weeks, so I’m curious how it’s going to progress. Its fun and I can’t wait to keep everyone updated. :)

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