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About Me:

What is an Intuitive?

An Intuitive is someone who can connect to the Divine, also known as, your Spirit Guides, Angels, the Universe. I receive messages that I channel for you. These messages are what your Angels have been trying to relay to you, but you may not be able to pick them up on your own. Or you may have trouble believing without outside confirmation. Oracle cards are used during a reading, as well. These are similar to tarot cards, but more free form. They give you reassurance on your spiritual path and life journey.

What is an Energy Healer?


An Energy Healer is someone who works with High Vibrational energy that is focused on removing any physical, spiritual, or emotional blockages. I use Reiki and sometimes, my own loving higher vibrational rituals to help heal and get the energy flowing in the places that need it.

What is a Shamanic Medicine Woman?


A medicine woman is someone who works with all forms of natural medicine to heal the spirit for optimal health. We are connected to the spiritual properties of medicinal plants and have a relationship with each plant to support healing for the physical and spiritual body. We also use other forms of natural medicine that connect with the elements and directions such as crystals, sound healing, water, trees, animals, flower essences, etc.

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My goal for you:

Children lose their sense of self when parents unintentionally don't listen to their own intuition for what their children need.

As they go through society and the overwhelming aspects of life, they need to learn how to balance and ground themselves with the lower, dense vibrations of Earth. 

Because we are not taught at a young age to go within ourselves when we feel emotions - we have trouble handling it. Causing anxiety, depression, pent up energy and even excess energy. We look outside of ourselves for the answers, instead of trusting our own healing abilities. 

We go to doctors that we feel are experts who prescribe us medication to not feel anything. We eat foods that don't nourish our bodies causing emotional and physical imbalances. 


My goal is to teach parents and the younger generations the importance of self love and how to really live life without losing their sense of self based on the stresses of society rules. We can be the change and really help our children lead a happy, fulfilling and successful life. It's not too late for ourselves either. <3 

My Special Story:

I have been on my own spiritual journey for over 15 years. I had a spiritual counselor when I first started and she started me on the path of where I am now. I've learned how to listen to my intuition, manifest what I want, trust the universe and myself, shift my mindset, and be grateful for everything. It has really brought me on an amazing journey and aligned me with my purpose and soul self. I have such confidence in who I am from using these tools and connecting to the Earth. ​I am now the mother of two crystal children. They are both attuned to reiki, draw in everyone, and are on this Earth for their own mission to create New Earth. Being a mother has brought awareness and mindfulness of how important self love is. When you focus inside yourself, your outer world will reflect it.


I started Divine Healing Oasis as a sacred space for young women and moms to learn how trust their inner guidance and help release any built up energy that needs to be  released. My spiritual guidance helps people find themselves, and helps teach you how to go within. I guide people along their journey until they feel ready to do it on their own. My intuitive messages come to me when I connect to my own higher self, that you are able to learn with practice by living this lifestyle. I have done my own house energy cleansings and crystal griddings to help protect, and bring love and abundance into my life. 

I also have a Facebook page Divine Holistic Mamas. I have live meditations and rituals during the full moon and new moon. I also have live oracle angel cards and intuitive readings on my instagram account @divinehealingoasis. The purpose of the group is to balance your mind, body and spirit to encompass complete self love. You're able to raise your children in this way, once you are living this lifestyle. I started making my own products to use on myself and my children because I knew it was healthier than any store bought products. Holistic living is a bridge to a spiritual life. The more natural you live, the higher vibrational and free living you become. I now sell my products for women who want to take care of their skin and their babies' skin. I also sell high vibrational spiritual products.

I am now a certified Reiki Master that allows me to certify and teach other Reiki students who want to use energy healing to help others. I have been wanting to become a Reiki master for a few years now and have finally been able to manifest it in my life. Adding it to my practice has been a blessing.


I also own a small farm that you can follow our journey @donahuefamilyfarm. I plant my own medicinal plants and forage the ones that are already on my property. I worked along side a Naturopathic Dr. for 5 years that helped me immerse myself in plant medicine to guide 100s of clients for their medicinal needs which essentially built a stronger relationship with the plants, I am the founder of a nature study homeschool co-op that is based on the foundations I teach with like-minded families. See our lessons and the way we learn @kindredspiritstribe. When we meet I will share my experiences with you to get you excited for your own life journey and purpose.

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