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What I do during Mercury Retrograde.

What I do during Mercury Retrograde.

More people are starting to understand the pattern of mercury retrograde. The things that could happen, the frustration of moving forward, etc. What most people haven’t figured out is how to utilize their time. Because of this anxiety occurs, more stress, fear and worry creep in more often during this time. I’m here to share how to make the most of the Retrograde. Three weeks of focusing on these tasks.

Same Daily Routine:

I stay on top of the normal tasks I do everyday. If I’ve fallen behind on anything, I make sure to put more focus on those things, so when I do move forward I’m in a groove that now I can put attention where I want it to be. I don’t have to worry about small tasks. For me, this includes the laundry, drinking water when I wake up, a small work out, meditation, flossing, tidying, dishes, etc.

Cleaning the “once in a while stuff”:

In a sense, this is the essence of Spring Cleaning, but should be done inside and outside. It gives energetic space for new beginnings. Don’t hold onto any material goods that serve no purpose, or hold onto the past without a significant meaning. During this time, I energetically cleanse my home with sage, cleanse & charge my home crystal grid, clean the fridge, clean the oven, deep clean sinks, bathrooms, rooms, and declutter. Get to cleaning or doing that task that’s always in the back of your mind that “you’ll get to”. Example, having that talk, paying that bill, decluttering your email, organizing your papers. Do it now.

Focus on the things that keep reoccurring in your mind:

I’ve been meaning to buy a scale for the longest time. Now, I’m actually going to do it because I never go to it. What do you need to add that will help you with moving forward, so when we get there, you can just do it.


The planning phase is writing down ideas, manifestations, and next steps for when things start to move forward. You can start to execute them right away and move along in the flow without being held back.

Be Still:

This is the most important of all. Take time to yourself. You should always do this, but especially during Mercury Retrograde. Use this time to balance yourself, release anything that needs to be let go, and give your mind, body and spirit the love that it needs to welcome the next chapter of your life.

Good luck. Its not so bad if you trust and listen to yourself. It is chaotic around you, don’t feed into it. You got this.

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