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How I stay consistent in my spiritual practices.

I go with the flow. I’ve been through a lot these past 6 weeks and the one thing I’ve done no matter what is going on around me is stay grounded in my connection to the universe. Most of my time has been taken up with rest & healing, breastfeeding, eating, drinking, and sleeping. During those times I get a little break, usually less than 10 mins. I slowly add things back into my routine without judgement of any changes. I’ve been using my breastfeeding time to meditate when I’m not giving attention to anything else. Meditation and daydreaming are so important to stay connected to who you are and manifesting your dreams. I think women tend to get postpartum depression (sometimes not always) because they don’t stay connected to themselves and get overwhelmed with the sudden demanding changes in their life.

Self-love and has to be a #1 priority to be able to efficiently do everything else. Trust yourself on what you can handle, don’t let others take your power. You need to be confident, and consistently work on it until you get there. Don’t be hard on yourself, or put unnecessary pressure. Everything takes time, but will get there if you keep it a priority.

The reason I work with women is because as a mom we tend to put everyone else first in our family to make sure they’re taken care of. When your children are babies they require so much that we seem to lose ourselves thinking the child’s needs are more important, but this is not true, this is how we burn ourselves out. It becomes a habit after that point, until there’s no return and we forget those self-caring habits that make us feel so good. So I’m here to teach women how to add those little, powerful tools to stay connected, be confident, release anxiety, doubt, stress and add self-love to be able to live fully, love life and give as much love possible to those around us. Cheers to being a new mom and adding that much more responsibility without losing myself! Love, light and blessings <3

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