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What is spiritual counseling and could it benefit you?

Are you depressed?

Do you worry a lot?

Do you have anxiety often?

Do you need help with stress management?

Would you prefer another form of healing rather than medication? Or in combination with?

Are you interested in meditation, but having trouble getting started learning how to be still, or understanding how it works?

Do you have feelings of lack-of-self, judgements, shame or insecurities?

Are you interested in leading a more natural way of life, but don’t know where to start or the next step?

Are you looking to find your purpose? Or need help figuring out your next step and following your path?

Are you curious about alternative healing practices such as Reiki, crystals, herbs, astrology, moon cycles or how nature affects us?

If you answered yes to any of these things you may want to reach out to have a conversation. My one-on-one spiritual counseling will help you with one or all of these things. I use therapy and different natural healing modalities to get you living in your true happiness with confidence and peace in your heart. Too often we put other things before our own wellbeing, not allowing us to fully live to our true potential. Life is short, being happy in the moment is the best gift we are given.

I also offer additional practices that help outside of counseling sessions, such as Reiki healing for balancing and relaxation. Group meditations are great for consistent self care. Bring along friends and family who can benefit from some relaxation and positive energy.

For in depth benefits of meditation, enjoy this link here:

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