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A day on the island.

First of all, no one tells you how time consuming having a baby is. Second of all, I don’t understand how you’re able to cope without being balanced first. There’s so many unbalanced people and so many mothers.. how do they do it? Even I have to stop and take some time to balance myself or I get overwhelmed.

Easter was this past weekend and I got the opportunity to stop in and take Jade to meet Sophia. It was love at first sight lol. Jade could not stop staring at her, and just taking her in. Sophia’s energy must have kept her at ease.

Sophia was able to do a reading on Jade! A reading on a 6 week old baby haha how awesome. She told me that Jade has a very strong intuition, which is why I am able to communicate telepathically with her so well. She said she has a very big third eye (another sign of a crystal child) which means she’s going to be able to do readings and connect spiritually with the divine higher power (not surprised). Her aura is every color (another sign).. which means she’s very balanced. She was also telling me the reason she smiles and laughs in her sleep is because she’s playing with the angels. I witnessed a full on laugh last night, it was absolutely adorable.

Sophia also told me she’s going to love the water, which I already knew because she actually gets excited to take a bath. As well as, an Earth child.. aka why she loves nature already. These are things I already knew, but she completely confirmed it. Everyone keeps telling me there’s a reason I named her Jade.

I also had the opportunity to get my hair done this weekend. I was clearly hooked up with this hair dresser for a reason. We connected spiritually and were able to talk about things most people just aren’t knowledgeable of. I noticed all the people currently coming into my life are part of my spiritual path to make me stronger and able to tell my story.

We also talked about how it’s uncomfortable to share these things because some people think you’re crazy. I think that is so sad how judgmental people are instead of being open-minded. I hope one day the world has a different outlook and we can all peacefully come together.

Don’t judge me. Namaste.

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