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Nature Tokens

The Full Story of Kindred Spirits Homeschool Co-op


I started this homeschool co-op after visualizing a better way of learning for children in our society. Working with children and adults who were never taught or given the tools to work through traumatic experiences, high pressure situations, and overwhelming circumstances I knew children needed to grow knowing the tools that keep them feeling loved, whole and in peace so that it is second nature to them. From there, as my own children were ready for school I opened my space to like-minded families seeking the same thing, and created a tribe of kindred spirits.


Teaching children the journey of life through the mind, body and spirit will take them through life feeling confident in who they are and understanding optimal health at a young age. The foundation of learning by the cycles of nature, will essentially teach them their own emotional cycles, and the environment they live in. While keeping them connected to God source, never losing that connection. Having a group of like minded families who prioritizes their values keeps the co-op whole in compassion, empathy and love.


A one room schoolhouse with a trail on the property for us to do our nature walks on. We want plenty of space to start our own school garden and ideally raise some farm animals as well.


If a child can do advanced math, speak 3 languages, or receive top grades, but can't manage their emotions, practice conflict resolution, or handle stress, none of that other stuff is really going to matter.

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