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The white butterfly.

I have been seeing a white butterfly every single day since Spring has begun on all my walks. If I don’t go for a walk, there’s at least one that flies past my window.

I looked into this because clearly this was the universe giving me a sign. I already knew that the butterfly is a sign of change and powerful transformation. Last year, I always saw a yellow butterfly, and I got pregnant with Jade. What I really want to know is what the white butterfly means.

When I looked it up this is what I found.. for the Japanese, a white butterfly symbolizes the soul of the departed ones. The reason why Japanese is so important is because of Jade.. she has many Asian influences that surround her so I pay attention to those things. She most likely has many guardian angels that look over her, as well as me, from our family. I am not surprised, because almost every day I am thinking of someone that has departed in our family. Just a slight thought of them makes me know they are with us.

The ones that especially stand out to me are my grandpa, my great grandma and my boyfriend’s great grandpa. They all just cross my mind for one reason or another at different times. I also think that Jade communicates with them, and they play with her. I will catch her smiling at the wall for a good 5 minutes and start talking her baby talk, and I just let her be and watch in amusement.

The last meditation class I went to, I chose the Mediumship Angel card, which explains how I am able to communicate well with departed loved ones. It just gave me confirmation that I know what I am talking about and that I have a special gift that not everyone has or is attuned to. Listen to your Guardian Angels when they cross your mind! They are trying to help!! My great grandma reminds me to drink water everyday lol, sometimes I ignore her, but recently I have been paying more attention. Sorry grandma.

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