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How to raise your children using Spirituality

You should always go with the flow when it comes to your children. You want them to be comfortable being themselves, so they grow up to be confident adults, without losing touch with the Divine and their Inner Child. If you notice your child talking to spirits, fairies and angels, don’t discourage it. Children have a stronger connection with the universe than we do because we FORGOT how to communicate with where we came from. If this is the case, you should also protect your child by telling them to keep it within the family, you don’t want them getting teased by other children or discouraged by other adults who don’t understand. It will make them lose their connection and have a more difficult time completing their mission on this Earth.

Your child may show their connection in another way, with animals, crystals, spiritual totems or even their creativity. Whatever the case may be, recognize it, respect it, and welcome it. You can also learn from your child, they know a lot more than they give off. They are wise beyond their years for a reason. My daughter may not physically be able to talk, but she knows what I’m talking about. I speak to her with respect.

Use your mind’s eye when communicating with your child, your third eye. They communicate best by telepathy. It also helps you bring back your connection with your higher self and the universe. This is also how you stay connected with your child when you are not with them. You are able to keep them protected that way. Communicate with your babies, their spirit guides and the angels. Mamas do it best, use that intuition God gave you!

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