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Snow White.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my daughter is some kind of animal whisperer.

Jade’s favorite things are her daily walk and laying on her changing table looking out the window. She can lay there talking, kicking and playing for over an hour without my entertainment.

On a daily basis I see squirrels, chipmunks and birds all either climb up the tree or just sit by the window. I even saw a groundhog one day. It just fascinates me because we live on a dead end in the middle of the suburbs, busy roads surrounding us and have a very small property.

I’m writing this blog post because one morning I had a crazy incident that confirms this baby has a special connection with the animals.

It was around 5 am, and Jade had just woken up to eat. I picked her up to change her first and put her on the table. I looked out the window and I swear on my life there was a DEER grazing next to her window. I have absolutely no idea how or why it was there. I was freaking out. It was by itself, an adult female doe. Of course, I had to show Jade so I picked her up and told her to look. She definitely saw it, and when the deer saw us, it literally just looked up and walked across our front lawn and went down the street. Wtf. Seriously. How amazing.

Before this encounter I had a meditation class and one of my messages was Snow White, and to look into the significance of it. I figured it out. She’s the nature princess, and so is my baby. I also had another message that animals have a huge significance in my life. So each time I come across an animal, I research the meaning and usually it’s spot on.

I highly suggest anyone that has a connection with animals to do this. Whether they come to you in a dream or stop by to say hi in real life. I bet you’ll find out some fun stuff :)

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