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Kwan Yin.

So I haven’t been able to write for a while because, as most mothers know, you got other things to do lol. I have experienced a lot in the past few weeks that just amazes me on a daily basis. Being a mother is a completely spiritual experience.

I went to Oregon to visit my mother in law for the first time with a 2 month old. I was SO nervous to go on the plane.. so many people hate babies on planes, but what I experienced was the complete opposite. I prayed the whole time that everything would go smoothly, and miraculously it was perfect! I didn’t pray to God, I was praying to Kwan Yin. She is the Asian Goddess that looks over Jade. She is the Divine Mother of Buddhism, similar to that of Virgin Mary. The reason I did this is because when I got a reading done from Mary a while back, she told me that in a past life Jade was one of her students and she protects Jade like a mother and is one of her Guardian Angels. Coincidentally, in one of my meditation classes I received a message from the leader to introduce Kwan Yin into my home for Jade to become familiar with. I knew this wasn’t just a coincidence. As we were on the plane, we were ironically surrounded by Asians. I laughed to myself because I knew Kwan Yin was present. Next to us, was this little old Asian lady that LOVED Jade and entertained her the whole time. She also taught me a form of massage on her feet that relieves stomach pains. Jade was an angel on the plane, both ways. I’m not surprised I have a little traveler on my hands.

Our last day in Oregon, we stayed at a hotel until we were ready to go to the airport. I had some packing to do, so I asked the angels to keep her entertained for a bit. When I came over to Jade she was playing alone in the bed laughing and smiling, so I leaned into her and I saw Angels right next to her! What I mean by that is flashes of light that appeared when I got close. I have never seen that before so vividly and I have learned that is how Angels make themselves known. I thought it was such an amazing experience and I know Jade is extremely protected, which makes me feel at peace.

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