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I meditate.

Before I had my daughter, who is now only 5 weeks old, I practiced my own way of spirituality. I meditate. I use crystals. I walk in nature. I help the earth. I believe in the Universe and God. And I also think everything happens for a reason.. For the past three years, I’ve learned to go with the flow while using my intuition. It has significantly dropped my stress level and anxiety. I can easily say, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and happiness living this way.

I’m starting this blog, to share with people my journey. Each person I talk to is intrigued by the way I live, but was never before aware of the things I do to be able to use it in their lives. I will be updating my day-to-day life on the way I raise my daughter from activities to rules to little tricks. But first here’s my story..

I got into spirituality over 3 years ago when I was in a very bad place in my life. My job sucked, I was still living at home, and I had that bad relationship I couldn’t let go. On my way home from work I would pass this “psychic” (spiritual healer) every day. For some reason, I was always drawn to go in, but never did.

Finally, when I was just at my wits end, I decided to stop in. I needed direction. Something needed to change. It started with a tarot reading, which led to us becoming friends. Her name was Sophia, she was my mentor, and got me where I am today. She gave me my first crystal, taught me how to meditate, and got me to trust in myself and the Universe.

Into the New Year, about 4 months later, crazy signs and changes started happening to me. I mysteriously heard this bell ringing in my room throughout the day and night that I could not figure out to this day where it was coming from. It had such positive and reassuring energy that it didn’t scare me. One time when I was at Sophia’s, her doorbell rang when no one was there.. she told me when bells ring angels get their wings, and she gets visitors often. So I asked Sophia about it. She told me when a bell rings like that you have many blessings to come, not just a relationship, more than that.

After this, amazing things started happening, one after the other. A recruiter randomly got my phone number and left me a voicemail describing my dream job; I got the job. I moved to Connecticut and got my own place to start a new journey. I signed up for online dating and met my dream guy within a month. We have so many synchronicities in our life that I knew he was God sent. I was blown away.

About 3 months later, I needed to find a new apartment. I found the perfect little place in his town on craigslist. I asked him to come with me to check it out. We get there and a little girl answers the door. I hear the mom yelling “Jaclyn get in here.” I thought she was talking to me, but her daughter had the same name. Funny I thought. As we’re walking down the path I see a name tag on the ground that says “Thomas” (which is my boyfriends name). I look at him and I’m like holy shit! Then the woman asks his name and she was just as shocked as us. Her kids’ names were Thomas and Jaclyn. So, of course I get the apartment. Needless to say, for 6 months I listened to them yelling “Thomas! Jaclyn!” all day haha it can make you go crazy.

Then I got pregnant. No it wasn’t intentional, I also didn’t think it was possible. You see, my boyfriend found out he had cancer on the day of my birthday (weird) 3 years ago. It’s gone, but his doctor told him he wouldn’t be able to have kids. So when he went to visit his mom for a month, who just got brain cancer, I went off the pill. Nbd. When he got back, I immediately got pregnant. Oops.

Now I am here at present day. I had an amazing pregnancy. My healthy, beautiful baby girl was born. Not to say we haven’t been through a lot in the past year, but I have been blessed. (and somehow, miraculously, my baby has been asleep this whole time). I’m on this blog to share my stories on my pregnancy and being a new mom. It’s also for me to be able to look back on all the cool things that happen on a daily basis. You can live this way too and I’m here to show you how. :)

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