House Blessing & Cleansing

It is very beneficial to have a routine cycle of house cleansing to keep your home purified and positive. It's common for negative energy to collect on a regular basis and create stagnant energy. Blessing your home will give you fresh new energy and continuity.

House Blessing

An ancient tradition that invites positive energy into your home. A house cleansing ritual is a way to remove any negative energies that might be blocking positive flow from entering your home. 


House Purification/Cleansing consists of:

- smudging with sage

- energy work for positive charging of your home/office

- incense and candle work for removal of negativity and bringing forth the positive inside and outside of your home


may be more, depending on size of home

(If more than 12 miles distance, travel expense is required.)

Call for pricing of smaller living spaces.

Beneficial for:

- new home purification

- buying or selling a home by bringing a comfortability to prospective buyers

- constant negativity in your current home or office environment by setting a new fresh start

- series of bad luck, negative ailments or situations.

- sense of unwelcome energy, or spirits

- bringing in prosperity by charging your home with positive energy

-  abundance

House Gridding

A Feng Shui technique using crystals to bring positivity in all areas of your life. Including family, prosperity, luck, children, fame, career, protection, love and spirituality. 

House Gridding consists of:

- house cleansing to remove any negativity blocking abundance

- placing positively charged crystals in the form of a grid throughout your home 


prices vary on if I'm providing the crystals.

(If more than 12 miles distance, travel expense is required.)

Call for pricing of smaller living spaces.