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What is a blessingway?

When a woman is pregnant, rather than having a baby shower she is honored and blessed by having a blessing circle with her tribe of closest friends and family of women. During this event we have a series of activities. We start with a guided meditation, then we focus on a few rituals. These include herbal bathing, bracelet beading, an affirmation banner, supportive loving notes and an oracle card reading. The mother of the event receives a small altar of special treasures to support her during the last phase of her pregnancy journey to prepare her for delivery.

Duration of event is 1.5-2 hours. It can be held in my space or yours.

Pricing is as follows: 10+ women is $25 per person. 5+ women is $30 per person. 3+ women is $45 per person. Mother of the event is free.

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