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$120 per hour.

The most important thing you can do in life is find your optimal health through balancing your mind, body and spirit. Creating your reality takes getting to know yourself and your highest alignment. During one on one spiritual guidance sessions I share my tools, wisdom and knowledge on astrology, nutrition, herbal medicine, and emotional and mental wellness.

What aspect of YOUR life do you need the most guidance? Where do YOU need support?

Go to contact page to schedule an in person or zoom session. 1 hr.

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Spiritual Wellness Sessions



For children five and up, I teach them how to meditate, use crystals, and how to trust their intuition in unsure situations. Most children are innately born with a strong intuition. I will help them stay connected to their true self and teach them how to deal with difficult situations based on their individual energy. Most adults have lost their self love along the way, so if they learn the habit now, it will serve them much better later on.



I guide you to connect to your true self and your purpose. You will learn how to use your intuition and add spirituality into your life through small daily actions. You will learn how to release your fears, anxiety and negative thoughts that are blocking your way. It will allow the flow to manifest your dreams. You get to set intentions and play with crystals. During this process you will learn how to release anxiety and depression by replacing it with love for yourself. Everything you experience is for divine purpose.

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Click picture to shop herbal products such as tea, supplements, essential oils.

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