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Divine Goddess Sisters Outline

This group is about shifting your mindset and actions to allow your self care to be your #1 priority. You can’t fill another glass, when yours is empty. You’re going to make this work in your own way. It’s just important to stay consistent and committed to yourself.

What to expect:


2 meditations weekly. These are important to watch, you do not have to be on live. This is about doing it on your own time. Energy has no time and space, so you’ll be receiving the same energy of the group.  If you are the type of person that needs to be on live to commit, then we will discuss the best nights in the group. 

  • Currently, we are doing Wednesday night every week. New moon or full moon schedule (non-negotiable and this will be with a larger group of women), and Monday nights every other week. All meditations start between 930pm-10pm EST.

  • Every meditation will have a journaling ritual afterwards, that will allow you to focus on intentions.

  • Anyone who is on live will be able to receive an oracle card message. All of the messages pertain to the whole group, so you should still watch that if you can, because we are connected as a whole.


Daily expectations:

  • Weighing yourself every morning for awareness to connect your physical body with your spiritual body. (not used for judgement). 

  • Staying mindful of everything you do.

  • Affirmations (this will be discussed).

  • Journaling throughout the day or after your busy day. (this will be discussed).

  • Mindful of movement EVERYDAY. Allowing yourself to be consistent in what your body needs. Movement includes going shopping, cleaning, working out, yoga, walking, using the stairs. The purpose is trying to get 30 minutes of movement in your routine everyday to keep the energy flowing in your body. I do suggest engaging in challenging exercises to allow your body to become stronger and yoga to connect with your body. LISTEN to your body, don’t over do it. Don’t allow it to become stagnant in movement.

  • Posting in the group once a day to connect with the group for consistency, inspiration, and motivation. Do not stress if you miss a day or two. 

  • keeping up on posts that are in the group. Does not have to be daily, but should be checked in when you get a moment.



Weekly expectations:

  • Sunday is a weekly reflection rest day in the group. You do not have to have the same day as the group. It is there to be mindful that this is important to have every week. You will use this day to journal and check in with yourself on how far you’ve come on this journey. Do not use it to judge the actions you haven’t done, it’s there to help move forward strategically and where you want to focus next. Small steps lead to big changes.

  • I will be sharing nutrition posts through out the week to help with intuitive eating.

  • We will focus on a topic each week around mindset and spirituality. The first topic is going to be healing and shifting your mindset around money.

  • Oracle card post.


Other Experiences:

  • Recipe share day.

  • Monthly distance reiki healing from me.

  • Learn from all of the women in the group.

  • Connection with everything. 

  • Every 21 days you’ll be taking a photo of your progress.

  • Allow the group to have its own magic, with no expectations. You will get more out of this than you expect.

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