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Divine Goddess Sisters

Balancing your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT will allow you to encompass complete SELF LOVE. All three are intertwined, nothing is separate. If you are unbalanced in one area, it’s going to affect the other. It takes consistency and commitment to be CONFIDENT in who you truly are. During this journey, if you INTEGRATE all the tools into your life, you will discover who you are and go through a life time of HEALING. You’ll raise your vibrations and allow yourself to be connected to this universe, your purpose, and your truth. CONNECTING your energy with this group of women will HELP you become empowered and aligned with the divine feminine and your soul sisters supporting you along this journey. WELCOME sister, we all love you and are SO excited that your spirit has led you to us. <3


Aspects: movement, nutrition, skin nutrition and mindset.


Mindful Movement: 

  • EVERYDAY will keep the energy flowing through out your body. 

  • Listening intuitively to what your body needs each day - whether it is challenging yourself to be stronger or more flexible, using strength training, low intensity like yoga and nature walks to connect with yourself, walks through the grocery store, using the stairs, or rest and recovery. 

  • Allow yourself to tune into your body everyday through love. Be gentle with yourself, but don’t allow excuses to win. 


  • I will guide you using tools to learn how to eat for YOUR body. This is called intuitive eating. 

  • You will learn how to read ingredient labels confidently. 

  • Discuss what is important to buy Organic/non-gmo.

  • Learn the nutrients of foods and how they benefit the body. 

  • Tips and tricks to enjoy food everyday. Replace the “bad stuff” on a regular basis, and snacking tips.

  • Learn about portions for YOUR body, and how much nutrients it needs daily.

  • The importance of gut health and digestion.


Skin Nutrition:

-  What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. 

  • You will learn how to naturally cleanse and heal your skin by using your natural body oils and what earth gave us.

  • Just like intuitive eating, you will discover what works best for your body.

  • The importance of reading ingredients labels on skin care and cosmetics. 

  • What to expect through detoxing from a lifetime of habits.



  • You will learn to master your emotions and shift your mindset around body acceptance and appreciation. 

  • Finally overcome any forms of food addictions and emotional eating with ease without going through cycles anymore.

  • Overcoming limited mindsets around food.

  • Shifting your mindset from getting in shape, and losing weight, to purposefully healing your body.

  • Any fears around the scale will be diminished by understanding what it’s used for.

  • You will shift your mindset around how to eat a meal, especially when you are out to eat.


Healing your mindset around all relationships - yourself, money, body, romantic, family, career, success, etc.


  • Use specific affirmations on a daily basis.

  • Shifting your mindset around all relationships to release fear, limitations, worries and doubts replacing them with love, understanding, and awareness.

  • Power of positivity.

  • Reflection days: to be still, and be aware and mindful of the progress in your journey.

  • Using consistency and commitment to build confidence.

  • Learning how to stay in the moment, using mindfulness and awareness.


Using energetic tools to connect with your inner self and the universe to heal all emotions, discover your purpose and manifesting your truth.


  • Weekly group meditations with journaling rituals.                        

  • Moon cycle meditations in divine holistic mamas.                           

  • Self love, visualization, and connection.

  • Grounding techniques. 

  • Breath work.


  • How to work with them.

  • House Gridding.


Space cleansing  

The power of love

Planets energy and how it affects YOU - birth natal chart 

Spirit animals

Womb healing, monthly cycles

Universal signs and purpose of dreams

Monthly distance reiki healing

Altar space

Strengthen intuition with oracle cards

Divine masters and spirit guides


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